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In addition to their impressive Protective Services experience in the Republic of Haiti, the three proven security veterans who have formed ITG® Consulting Services, Inc. (ITG®) have also conducted multi-layered Security Consulting and Security Management projects in this challenging environment. This includes providing services to the United States (US) Government, Government of the Republic of Haiti, Multi-National Corporations with interests in Haiti, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating on Haitian soil.

For sixteen years, David L. Johnson, the President of ITG®, has created and maintained relationships across the entire spectrum of Haitian Society as well as the International Community in Haiti. Obviously, this has given him a huge network of contacts, associates, and friends to turn to in order to further the Security Consulting and Security Management efforts of ITG® in Haiti. Since 1998, those relationships have been furthered and many new ones created by Gale R. Ericksen, Vice President of ITG® Consulting Services. This networking capability means that ITG® has, to quote a friend of ours, an unparalleled “golden rolodex” for accomplishing Security Management tasks and completing Security Consulting projects in the Republic of Haiti.

Although ITG® itself is a relatively young company, since 1994, that extensive network has allowed the leaders of ITG® to provide all of the following services to a very diverse and increasingly loyal clientele:

  • Security Threat/Vulnerability/Risk Assessments;
  • Crisis Management Planning;
  • Crisis Response Operations;
  • Business Continuity Planning;
  • Business Continuity Operations;
  • Evacuation Planning;
  • Evacuation Operations;
  • Management of Physical Security at Vital Installations;
  • Supervision of Security Guard Force Personnel;
  • Liaison with Governmental, Law Enforcement, Corporate and Private Security entities;
  • Multiple Cordons of Security at Events with crowds of up to 35,000 persons;
  • Cooperation and Coordination with the United Nations (MINUSTAH);
  • Protective Intelligence gathering, analysis, and dissemination;
  • High-level Investigations; and
  • Kidnap/Ransom/Extortion Consulting.

In addition to the expertise of our leadership personnel, our staff of Security Consultants also has significant Haiti experience. Additionally, anyone assigned to an ITG® Security Consulting or Security Management project in Haiti, from the Senior Consultant down to the Junior Analyst will also have spent time providing security consulting, training, and / or protective services in other High Risk Environments (HRE) around the world as well. This means that ITG® is, hands down, the Security Consulting Services provider best positioned to provide sound, cost-effective, thoughtful advice in response to any Security Management or Security Consulting needs in the Republic of Haiti.

To contact us about Consulting Services or Security Management matters in Haiti, please call 866.904.4484.

Telephone (866) 904-4ITG (4484) - Facsimile 888.830.8123