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internationalITG® Consulting's staff of executive security experts have traveled, lived and worked in over 80 countries on 5 continents, often in high risk environments characterized by political sensitivity, media scrunity, civil strife and disobedience, rebellions, insurgencies and war. They have done so successfully and have developed tailor made security awareness programs for the staffs and agencies they have supported on a frequent basis. We have supported corporate clients, Non-Governmental Organizations, governments and military forces of multiple nations and from the United Nations.

Our approach is to provide common sense, self-applied security principles to situations that our clients find themselves in, providing increased comfort levels, confidence and competence in both identifiying potentially dangerous situations that may be developing in their environment as early in the life cycle as possible and in extracting themselves from such encounters.

We can provide specifically tailored programs ranging from one hour security awareness briefings to hands on, skill developing programs that adequately prepare senior executive staff and others to live and work in areas of increased risk.
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