ITG® Consulting Services
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ITG®’s SSAP™ creates a detailed picture, a snap shot in time, of the current security measures, policies and procedures, and protective postures of your school campus. Our assessment process includes multiple methodologies to bring about this total picture. ITG®’s consultants interview specific key stakeholders and conduct Open Source Information Research (OSIR™), developing information on both internal and external threats which assists in creating consensus pertaining to the perceived threats of concern. Our consultants conduct physical inspections of the buildings and grounds to identify physical security vulnerabilities. Policies pertaining to access control, security guidelines and incident response are reviewed. Existing security program configuration, components and efficiency is evaluated for suitability and effectiveness as weighed against the perceived threats of concern.

At ITG® we are students of crime and terrorism, researchers of current events, participants in national level discussions, volunteers supporting safety and security issues and we have come to know the issues well. ITG® is actively involved in Homeland Security related conferences and associations and we practice our trade on a global stage. We understand security and we understand those who commit crimes. We understand their tactics, their techniques and their procedures: their modus operandi. We also understand the effective security cycle of deter, detect, respond, mitigate and resumption of normal activities. We understand the law enforcement and tactical response issues. We use our training, education and experience to help our clients craft sound, justifiable policy and solutions that can be accepted by the parties concerned.
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