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internationalThe founders of ITG® were the first to establish and initiate the Personal Security Vulnerability Assessment (PSVA®) program for the private security sector. This program, derived from similar Department of Defense programs used to validate the requirements for personal security programs in all threat environments globally, is designed specifically to assess the personal security of an individual or family.

ITG® Consultants, Inc. believes in providing clients with an objective external analysis leading to common sense, real world security applications which provide peace of mind, but do not make one a hostage of his/her own environment. Our staff of professional consultants personally interview key individuals and physically inspects relevant facilities to examine, in depth, the existing security posture. A threat assessment is conducted in concert with our clients in order to determine what security methodology and components pass the common sense test.

The PSVA® program covers the basic who/what/when/where/how of an individual or family’s life and activities, and ultimately identifies and assesses vulnerabilities that could compromise the safety, security, and comfort levels of those individuals. No one wants to live their lives in fear of what dangers may await, but why wait to become a victim, when a few common sense and real world applicable measures could prevent that? This unique program contains multiple components to assess the areas that an individual deems to be of concern.

In Depth & Comprehensive
We believe in formulating a true and complete depiction of an individual’s environment, before attempting to make any recommendations. Exploring both broad perspectives as well as specific details of an individual’s life and activities, contributes to a comprehensive threat assessment, from which next steps can be formulated. Our professional staff conduct research both from an outside, open source point of view, as well as from an insider, day-in-the-life, private angle, with on-site examinations/observations and interviews.

Analysis & Recommendations
Once the information gathering phase is completed our staff of professional consultants analyzes the information that was developed during that effort to identify gaps or vulnerabilities that may exist. These vulnerabilities are explained and lead to the development of common sense, justifiable recommendations to enhance security efforts as may be required. These recommendations are based upon the personal desires of the individual concerned and the perceived risk factors identified during the threat assessment effort of the PSVA® process. Most importantly, our recommendations are used as a platform for discussion, not just a one-time “end all” solution, since an individual’s life variables and threat levels are ever-changing. A report is then hand crafted and submitted that is all original writing tailored to the client’s needs. We do not use boiler plate information or software generated numerical values that are hard to interpret. Our reports are based on the cumulative education, training and experience from our staff of professional consultants.

Scalable & Tailored
We recognize that there is no “one size fits all” security program. Each effort must be tailored and no “off the shelf” program fits every need that may arise. We apply this ideology to our efforts under the PSVA® program. Our program is personalized and tailored to our client’s needs/concerns and desires. The flexibility of our consultant staff and our program means that each individual can obtain only those components of this assessment applicable to their particular needs and situation.

Experience Matters
At ITG® we recognize that there are competitors who offer similar Executive Security Assessment Programs under various trade names. However, our staff of professional consultants uses a proven methodology, compiled from over seventy years of experience with protective security operations, ranging from single agent/negligible threat environments to that of Heads of State level, supervising literally hundreds of security agents and complex security functions. We have collectively conducted PSVA®s in varied threat environments on a global basis, including for Heads of State and in High Risk Environments. Our strengths lie in two main areas: (1) With the varied backgrounds of our staff, we’ve seen more than one approach to security problems and have personal experience with what works and what doesn’t; (2) When hiring ITG® you are not just hiring an individual, but rather obtaining the services of a corporation that has a collective support process for both its consultants and its clients. These aspects combine to provide our clients with the best, most cost effective and efficient solutions that can be found in the security market place today.

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