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internationalHome Hangar Assessments provides for evaluation of hangar and aircraft security relative to private or corporate air transportation. The ITG® Consulting staff has worked with several clients on providing for Home Hangar Assessments to determine if any additional security requirements are needed and if their existing security posture is appropriate. This program is designed to specifically address client needs in use of corporate or private aircraft and determination of justification.

ITG® Consulting will work with our clients to provide an objective, external analysis leading to common sense, real world security applications, which provide for aircraft and hangar security. Recommendations derived from this assessment may assist a client or company in formulating a business continuity plan, compliance with insurance underwriters and/or validation of potential tax perk benefits.

Every client situation is different and the use of private or corporate aircraft for business and/or personal travel is different. A client’s needs for travel to specific locations, unexpected circumstances, demanding last minute requirements, board meetings, etc all have an affect on successful business operations. Maintaining a solid security posture surrounding aviation assets is critical to the flexibility that is provided by them and in removing potential vulnerabilities that may be exploited by others. ITG® Consulting’s staff of experienced professionals will review and assess all pertinent information regarding our client’s needs and desires to ensure a personalized security plan is formulated which meets those needs.

All aspects of the PSVA® are incorporated in with the Home Hangar Assessment, to include; interviews of key personnel, physical inspection of the aircraft and hangar facility, threat assessment, review of policies and procedures in place and compliance with any FAA and TSA regulations. The Home Hangar Assessment is personalized and tailored to the specifics of each assessment and every report is designed and individually prepared for our clients. ITG® Consulting does not use a standardized report template in its conduct of these assessments as all situations and conditions vary in degree.
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