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internationalITG® Consulting can provide support services to individuals, corporations, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and other entities who are either conducting or considering conducting operations in High Risk Environments (HRE) or areas characterized by strife, civil disobedience, natural disaster or lack of normal public safety infrastructure. Our staff of consultants utilized in this arena possesses demonstrable success in varied environments on a global basis. We have planned for and provided operations, managed contracts and conducted evacuations in some of the world’s most challenging security environments. Our collective experience encompasses locations such as Somalia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq. Our employees have been successful on six continents, often operating under austere conditions or under intense media scrutiny in politically sensitive environments. We have the experience to assist our clients in being successful in their endeavors, whether they are conducting operations in such areas or considering evacuating their employees and/or families from areas stricken by violence.

Our support can range from direct consulting, through program development, to contract management. ITG® Operations can provide direct support and security operations to those clients who so desire. Our portfolio of consulting services for HRE requirements include the following components.

Security Force Design
Our staff will conduct a thorough analysis of client needs and desires and evaluate the physical location clients intend to utilize in HRE areas. A thorough risk assessment is conducted, facility parameters are considered, terrain analysis is conducted and a security approach is developed that provides adequate safeguards and risk mitigation factors to provide for the safety of our clients and their employees in the HRE arena. Recognizing that through sheer definition, there is no 100% guarantee of safety in an HRE, we assist our clients in developing security plans and methodology utilizing state of the art and proven Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) to accomplish the following goals:
  • Avoid potential risks and pitfalls whenever possible
  • Provide credible deterrence for perceived risk factors
  • Detect potential problems as early in their life cycle as possible
  • Provide for suitable, effective response
  • Mitigate the potential effects of adverse incidents
  • Recover from the incident
  • Resumption of normal activities
Force protection, perimeter security, access control, quick reaction forces, personnel security, security escorting, motorcade operations, convoy escorts and facility design considerations are all examples of areas in which our consultants can be of assistance. We can design and configure security programs for our clients regardless of their needs or area in which they are living and working. We can blend in inherent medical support, develop incident response plans, medical evacuation plans and general evacuation plans that will function effectively. We can offer advice and counsel pertaining to the development, use and training of indigenous security staff that can often provide quality, cost effective support in foreign environments.

Our capabilities in this arena are comprehensive. While not always necessary, our staff is capable and willing to travel to affected areas to work with on site clientele whenever desired.

Evacuation Planning
When conducting operations in areas where the potential for evacuation of their employers and/or their families may be a concern, companies and other entities should have adequate contingency pre-planning accomplished and be proactively prepared to assist their staff in times of need. ITG® Consulting can assist in the development of evacuation planning that is consistent with the goals and guidelines established by the United States Department of State’s Overseas Security Advisory Council.

From the development of polices and procedures at the corporate level to actual on site identification and evaluation of rally points, evacuation routes, transportation options and other concerns, our staff of consultants is ready to provide direct support in this critical planning process.

Our staff has real world experience, having successfully accomplished this exact planning process in multiple regions and countries of the world, and having successfully completed 100% safe evacuation on more than one occasion.

Development of Policies and Procedures
ITG® consultants can assist with the development of policies and procedures relating to security and guard force operations such as the ones mentioned above as stand alone products. Contingency planning is one of our strengths and we can conduct desk top analysis and independent inspection or testing of existing procedures as well. Gap analysis can also be conducted to identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by determined or unscrupulous people, and methodology to close those gaps can be developed.

Developing Requests for Proposals
Entities desiring to develop Requests for Proposals (RFP) to provide themselves with outsourced security services, who may not have inherent security departments well versed in HRE operations, can obtain support from ITG® Consulting in developing Scope of Work and related items for RFPs they intend to issue. ITG® consultants can vet potential bidders, verify past performance and conduct due diligence investigations when necessary. Our consultants are available to serve as technical representatives for our clients during evaluation of proposal phases of the outsourcing process.
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