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internationalIn recent years, natural disasters have not only caused extensive damage and loss of life but also showed how vulnerable corporate America is to business disruption and excessive loss of revenue. Being better prepared with business continuity plans, emergency response, loss prevention and physical security plans, American corporations can limit their risk factors and mitigate losses due to extreme weather or geo-conditional circumstances.

ITG® Consulting personnel have proven experience and expertise in operating in extreme disaster environments, such as New Orleans in 2005. In 2005, our consultants and operations specialists were on the ground, with established Command & Control facilities, Logistics Management, CDC & OSHA recognized medical programs and established Physical Security Forces prior to Federal, State or Military disaster relief entities being established.

ITG® Consulting recognizes the severity, both in personal and corporate losses, which a natural disaster can impose not only on an affected region but the country as a whole. Our corporate policy is to work with all elements of the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Administration and Department of Homeland Security to ensure disaster relief and physical security efforts are to federal, state and local doctrine.

ITG® Consulting recognizes that several different operational areas exist within a natural disaster area, to include:

1) Centralized Command & Control.
2) Logistics Management.
3) Communications.
4) Vetting of local and inter-state resources.
5) Liaison with Federal, State & Local Emergency Resources.
6) Search & Rescue.
7) Physical Security of static and mobile property.
8) Loss Prevention.

The ITG® Consulting staff, with over 75 years of experience in real world security planning, oversight and protective operations, has provided our clients with qualified and quantified results in Disaster Security Assistance, allowing for unprecedented returns to operation timelines. Our extensive knowledge and experience can assist clients in designing and implementing recovery preparedness plans to assist in mitigating potentially huge financial losses due to natural disasters.
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