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Our staff of consultants and assistants have proven real world experience and have been successful in operating on a global basis in varied capacities and in varied risk environments for extended periods of time. There is often more than one approach to security issues and our consulting staff works hand in hand with our clients to develop successful methodology and solutions to a wide variety of issues.

ITG?Consulting enjoys relationships with a wide variety of individuals and organizations that face some of today’s greatest security challenges on a global basis. Our clients will note that our staff of professional consultants do not limit themselves to consulting activities alone. Rather, our staff of consultants also directly support both training and active operations routinely. This keeps our staff grounded in state of the art methodology and connected to the ever changing evolution of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. These factors combine to provide our clients the best support possible.

We focus on issues pertaining to our core competencies and will be the first to tell prospective clients if an issue they are concerned about is beyond our scope of knowledge. When faced with such issues, we will work diligently to find appropriate support services and enjoy relationships with other quality service providers that will meet and often exceed client expectations and requirements.

We always follow some simple, general guidelines in our consulting efforts. Working hand in hand with our clients, we ensure we understand the actual or perceived risk factors causing concern, and conduct an in depth examination of the issues and any security policies, procedures or equipment being utilized at the time of examination (if any). We then develop common sense, practical recommendations that actually impact the perceived risk factors to provide deterrence and mitigation as may be necessary. Through thorough understanding of the risk factors, we are always able to ensure that the recommendations can be justified on identified need. The training, education and experience of our consultants always ensures flexibility in approach. The hand in hand approach with our clients ensures that our clients retain ownership of the efforts and are comfortable with the results.

Whatever your need, contact us when considering outsourcing of requirements, program development or obtaining consulting services within these professional realms.

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